There is no single story that comes to mind when trying to report how I found the Peugeot Super Sport.  A simple situation that prevails...

I have found so many Peugeot Super Sports, that the which one found where escapes me now.  With that admitted, I will share the one story that I do recall clearly.  Of all the Peugeot Super Sports I have found, the finding of the first one in my size is, perhaps, one of the most interesting "How I Found It" stories I have to tell.  I must add, that few decent pictures remain of that wonderful, first ever found Peugeot Super Sport.  But the memories of riding it, for over 4000 miles in a single, year will remain forever.

When I first started collecting vintage road bicycles, I had little clue as to what I was doing.  Like so many others, new to the interest, I tended to focus my attention on bicycles that I was a bit familiar with - Raleigh, Bianchi and, of course, Peugeot.  At that time, I really didn't even know that there were Canadian Peugeots, as well as those originating in France.  To me, at first, Peugeots were all French.  And any Peugeot find would capture my immediate attention.

I used to and, quite frankly, still do, shop for vintage road bicycles at The Dump.  And not just one Dump.  They dot the landscape, in North-western Ontario, an area of scattered small towns or, perhaps, villages.  Anyway, while returning from an unsuccessful Dump/Bike Hunting trip, I could not help but notice a Mini Van, pulling rapidly up to a stop sign.  What captured my attention, at first, was how quickly the van was moving.

None the less, the van did stop, safely enough, placing me in no jeopardy what so ever.  However, as I passed and, as is always my habit when returning from a Dump Run, I peeked in my rear view mirror, only to notice the van was towing a high sided utility trailer, with a pair of drop handlebars, peeking out over the top of the closed in side.  U-Turn...

I know this all might have tones of mental illness attached to it, but I honestly keep an eye open for vintage bicycles ALL THE TIME.  Many is the time I have executed a U-Turn, to return to The Dump, simply because I see a bicycle, being hauled in that direction.  And usually, I am rewarded with an opportunity to have first shot, at scavenging the bicycle, for myself, or Bicycles for Humanity.  Anyway...

Following the trailer, I kept getting glimpses of the bike, hidden within.  The van was going considerably slower, than the posted speed limit, and, with that in mind, I decided to pass and wait for the rig to arrive, at the metal disposal pile.  I was pretty sure that the bicycle would come that way, assuming, of course, that it was indeed heading for The Dump.

And I did not have to wait long.  The van approached the metal pile, but then continued, up the hill, to the main waste disposal area.  Anything that reaches that area will soon, and I do mean soon, be crushed under some very ugly, and gigantic, steel wheel fitted to a huge tractor of some kind.  If the bike were to be pitched off there, all hope for salvage would be lost.  With that in mind, I immediately called, loudly, to the driver of the van, hoping that he, or she, would hear me and stop.

Whew!  The lady driving the van did stop, listening to my plea as she rolled down the window.  She put me at ease, saying that she would be come back to the metal pile, once she had disposed of the other items in her trailer.  I offered my assistance, which she declined and I was left to wait at the metal pile.

What seemed like a long time later, the van poked its nose around the corner, as it returned from the main waste disposal area.  Nothing was sticking out of the top of the trailer now!  The next few moments are a bit of a blur but went something like this...

As the van and trailer pulled to a stop, close to the metal pile, I approached, once again offering my help.  The lady opened the swing gate, on the back of the trailer and there lay three vintage racing bicycles.  Three and it did not really matter what they were.  In those days, if it had skinny tires and handlebars that curled down, it would be dragged home and introduced to The Old Shed.

I honestly cannot remember the other bicycles, a total of three, that the trailer contained.  So many bikes have come and gone.  However, I do recall what the lady said to me, after I thanked her and started to carry my prizes away.  "Would you like the other bikes?"  Yes, those were her exact words.  "Other bikes!"  Had I died and gone to bike heaven?

Turning around, I noticed the rear hatch of the van sitting open.  And, becoming increasingly clear as I drew near, several road bicycles were nearly lined up and tucked in, side by side, waiting for removal and disposal.  And that was soon to become my job.  Well, the removal part, at the very least.

Five more bicycle came my way, in the next few minutes, including the gorgeous and mint, jet black 1980 Peugeot Super Sport.  The bicycle was a bit dusty, but pretty much unmarked in any way.  The price of the bicycle, in the form of a small tag attached to the bike, with a piece of string, proclaimed the show room price to be $329.00.  Yes, the price tag was still attached to the bike.  One can only wonder why?

I was quick to mention the unused nature of the bicycle.  The lady then shared the story of the unwanted, and even resented steed.

The lady, and her siblings, had purchased the Peugeot, for their father, on some special occasion, or other, - perhaps a birthday.  At any rate, they presented their gift, indicating that it would be good for the old boy to ride around and do something to reduce his weight.  Well, the old guy was offended.  He put the brand new Peugeot Super Sport into the basement, or garage, and left it there, until it made its journey to The Dump.  I was the proud owner of a brand new, twenty two year old Peugeot.  And it seemed to be exactly my size.

Oh, I forgot to mention, one of the other bicycles in the back of the van was a Velo Sport Prestige, a full chrome moly, forged drop road bicycle sporting a full Shimano 600 Arabesque grouppo.  I paid that bicycle little attention.  After all, I had a Peugeot.  How little I knew in those days.