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FALCON SAN REMO TRICYCLE:  More appropriately, a Falcon fitted with a Ken Rogers racing tricycle conversion kit.

SKYWAY:  Though anything but high end, this 1972 Japan made commuter is out of the ordinary, featuring many things years ahead of their time

197? DAWES GALAXY:  The Dawes Galaxy was a cut above many other similar bicycles, in its day.  Fairly easy to find and certainly nice to look at, the old Galaxy is a collectable road bicycle.

1972 PEUGEOT PE41:  The Peugeot PE41 was a full roadster model, featuring factory issued generator, lights and luggage rack.

  197? MERCIER TOURING:  Though unsure of the actual model or vintage, this old French Mercier was delivered "as found" in near showroom condition.  And it did not cost much to acquire.

THE AERO:  An unusual aero tubing bicycle that was somewhat experimental.  Mid level quality, at best, this old road bicycle from Japan proved to be interesting and challenging to set up.

1977 RALEIGH SUPER COURSE:  This little used and wonderfully cared for Raleigh is one of the second generation Super Course bicycles.


May, 2013

1958 LEGNANO GRAN PREMIO:  The Gran Premio is just about completed.  Most of the model and period correct components have been located, installed and test ridden.      

April, 2013

BICYCLE MAINTENANCE TOOLS:  There are several bicycle repair or maintenance levels, with different tools included in each level.  Cleaning, fitting, basic maintenance, tune-up maintenance, rebuild and restoration.  Each level requires a bit more knowledge, coupled with more tools.      

April, 2013

198? APOLLO MARK III:  This late seventies or early eighties Apollo was once a stolen bicycle.

1984 GARDIN SPECIAL:  This lovely hand built Gardin was one of a few built for the 1984 Olympic games.

APOLLO SPORT 12:  An entry level early seventies recreational road bicycle in great shape

TEST RIDING BICYCLES:  Before even attempting a single ride, the bicycle must be test ridden - seems contradictory, doesn't it?

  198? CAMBIO RINO EL:  EL is not the model but a quality level designation suggesting entry level.

198? PEUGEOT PSN10:  A lovely made in France Peugeot with an interesting how found story.

UPGRADING THE CYCLOPS: The Cyclops has proved to be the nicest riding bike of those included in MY "TEN SPEEDS".  With that in mind, it has undergone a full technological component upgrade.


January, 2013


MOUNTAIN BICYCLES:  A new section about vintage Mountain Bicycles has been added.

MOUNTAIN BICYCLES - INTRO:  Briefly introduces the origins, evolution and contributions of the Mountain Bicycle.

PEUGEOT CANYON EXPRESS:  A very early Peugeot Mountain Bicycle.

  GT KARAKORAM:  The GT Mountain Bicycle featuring its unusual frame design.

GT TIMBERLINE:  Though not top of the line, a well made recreational machine for recreational riding.

MIYATA ELEVATION 200:  Original condition "as found", this lovely old Miyata was converted for road touring use.


December, 2012


1989 GARY FISHER "HYBRID":  Built in Taiwan, this lovely old, found at the Dump cross bike, for it is more cross than hybrid, was in near mint condition.  What was it doing at the Dump?

197? JEUNET CLASSIC:  Though nothing exotic, this beautiful and colourful old French bicycle is the epitome of what a vintage road bicycle can be.

WINDSOR WINCHESTER:  A wonderful, NOS Rod Brake single speed from India.

  198? PEUGEOT SPRINT:  Canadian made, this nice old Peugeot exemplifies the kind of workmanship produce by the folks at the Canadian Peugeot plant.  Hardly high end but certainly well made and wonderfully ornate, in the vintage sense.

MOTOBECANE GRAN JUBILEE:  The last page has been revised to indicate the second season changes to this lovely old and frequently ridden French bicycle.

1972 HOLDSWORTH RECORD:  An unusual bicycle and one legally displaying the Campagnolo name.


January, 2012


FRENCH RESTORATION PROBLEMS:  There are a number of differenced associated with the restoration of French made vintage bicycles.  Knowing them are important for any successful restoration or refurbishment effort.


October 2011


198? NORCO MONTEREY SL:  Norco is first thought of as a Canadian bicycle company, but truth be known, many Norco bicycles come from Japan.


1984 NISHIKI INTERNATIONAL:  The Nishiki International was, probably one of Nishiki's top touring bikes of the eighties.  Well made and nicely equipped, this old road bicycle rivals many other touring bicycles offered in its day.